Jan Gies

Like his wife Miep Jan assists in the secret annex. Through his contacts with the municipality and his involvement with the civil service resistance he arranges for food and clothing vouchers, and he comes at noon to visit here often. The people in hiding are happy that Miep and Jan so often come along. It is cozy and so they hear the latest news from the city. Hermann van Pels is particularly interested in the visit of Jan Gies, since Jan brings him cigarettes regularly.

Persoonsbewijs Jan Gies

Another person in hiding

What the residents of the hiding place did not know was that Miep and her husband had someone else hidden in their home. By helping the people in hiding Miep and Jan Gies were putting their own lives at risk.


First wedding anniversary

The people in hiding celebrate Miep en Jan on their first anniversary. Anne typed this menu from a typewriter in the office. Auguste van Pels prepared the dinner.


A sleepover at the Annex

Just one time, on Monday 19 October 1942, Miep and Jan Gies even stay the night in the secret annexe. They sleep in Anne and Margot’s room, while the girls sleep in their parents’ room. Anne loves having the helpers so close. Anne very much wants Miep and Jan to come and stay over another time, but after Fritz Pfeffer goes into hiding in the secret annexe too it’s no longer possible.


18 August 1905

Born in Amsterdam.

The 1930s

Jan gets to know Miep Santrouschitz while working at a textile company. She is a typist there, and he’s an accountant.

The 1930s

Jan becomes a social worker with the Amsterdam Social Service.

16 July 1941

Jan and Miep get married.

June 1942

Otto Frank asks Jan if he's willing to help if Otto and his family go into hiding.

4 August 1944

Everyone in the Annex is arrested. Jan is not taken. From the canal, he witnesses everyone being taken away.

Summer 1945

Otto moves in with the Gies family. He will go on to stay for seven years.

13 July 1950

A son, Paul, is born.

26 January 1993

Jan Gies dies.

Miep Gies Jan Gies' wife

Miep is a secretary at Otto Frank’s company, Opekta


Otto Frank Anne and Margot's father, Edith's husband

Otto sets up a business in the Netherlands. After that, his family can come over too.


Anne writes:

“This afternoon, for the first time in ages, Jan gave us some news of the outside world. You should have seen us gathered around him; it looked exactly like a print: ‘At Grandmother's Knee.’ “