Comic Book 'A Family Secret' (English) € 7.50 More information Add to cart

Read about the experiences of a family during World War II.

Graphic Novel ‘The Search’ (English) € 7.50 More information Add to cart

Offers young people the opportunity to learn the most important facts about the Holocaust in an accessible way.

Anne Frank - The diary of a young girl - The definitive edition (English) € 34.00 More information Add to cart

Anne Frank keeps her diary from 12 June 1942 to 1 August 1944. Anne Frank’s diary can be bought in 28 language versions in this online shop.

Anne Frank - Graphic biography (English) € 15.95 More information Add to cart

The graphic biography of Anne Frank tells the full story of Anne Frank in a clear and accessible way. As well as her life story, the book also focuses on important historical events. Suitable for children from 12 years old.

Outside it's War (English) € 18.95 More information Add to cart

Outside it’s War, an impressive book to read to your child or for your child to read. Suitable for children from age 8.

The last seven months of Anne Frank by Willy Lindwer (English) € 12.50 More information Add to cart

Anne Frank’s story did not end with her last words in the Diary In this book you’ll find the testimony of six women who were witness to the last months of Anne Frank’s life

Tales from the Secret Annex (English) € 17.90 More information Add to cart

Besides writing in her diary, Anne Frank also practiced her writing in short stories, essays, personal recollections and the first five chapters of a novel. These are in this book.

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