Who is who?

Eight people in one house. Get to know those who went into hiding, their helpers, and others involved.

The people in the Secret Annex

All cooped up

The people in the Secret Annex can never go outside, and have to remain silent all day. They live in constant fear of discovery. It’s tough for everyone, and the tension increasingly erupts into arguments.

Anne writes:

'My mind boggles at the profanity this honorable house has had to endure in the past month… To tell you the truth, I sometimes forget who we're at odds with and who we're not. The only way to take my mind off it is to study, and I've been doing a lot of that lately.'

The Helpers

The role of the helpers

The helpers provide essential supplies and try to boost morale. Without them, hiding in the Secret Annex would have been impossible.

Anne writes:

'Never have they uttered a single word about the burden we must be, never have they complained that we were too much trouble. They come upstairs every day and talk to the men about business and politics, to the women about food and wartime difficulties and to the children about books and newspapers.'

The warehouse managers

Van Maaren

Willem van Maaren Johan’s replacement. He suspects there are people hiding, and sets a trap…

Willem is appointed warehouse manager after Johan Voskuijl becomes too ill to work.

More about Willem

The old and new warehouse managers

Warehouse manager Johan Voskuijl knows about the people in the Secret Annex, and helps them. He’s forced to stop working due to illness. Willem van Maaren takes his place, and no one in the Annex trusts him.

Anne writes:

'We wouldn't care what Mr. Van Maaren thought of the situation except that he's known to be unreliable and to possess a high degree of curiosity. He's not one to let himself be fobbed off with a flimsy excuse.'