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Wherever you are in the world, the Secret Annex Online takes you back in time to the hiding place as it was then. See where Anne Frank wrote her diary, and listen to the stories of everyone who lived in the hiding place.


Everyone in the Secret Annex rides a rollercoaster of fear and hope, anxiety and relief. Music by the composer Mark Isham powerfully conjures up these conflicting emotions. The site also includes historic archive material about the war and unique TV broadcasts in which the helpers share their memories of those who hid in the Secret Annex.

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Ellie Kendrick tijdens opnames

Visiting this site is a must

Ellie Kendrick provided Anne’s voice. She explains why visiting this site is a must.

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Why has the Secret Annex Online been furnished?

The real Secret Annex in Amsterdam is empty: during the war, the homes of deported Jews were cleared out. All the furniture, carpets and other items from the Secret Annex disappeared too. When Otto Frank revisited the Secret Annex after the war, he wanted it to remain empty. But on this educational website, the Anne Frank House wants instead to show the hiding place as it actually was during the war.


For students

In the Anne Frank Guide students will find information about the life of Anne Frank and the Second World War.

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For teachers

The Anne Frank House creates lesson materials and organises workshops about Anne Frank and the Second World War.

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Frequently asked questions

 Why did you make the Secret Annex Online?

  • Around 1 million people visit the Anne Frank House in Amsterdam every year. The volume of visitors means the museum is operating at its maximum daily capacity.
  • Millions of people are unable visit the museum in Amsterdam. This may be because they live too far away, or are physically unable to visit.

Are there any other differences between it and the museum in Amsterdam?

Some spaces in the actual museum are not accessible to the public for safety reasons. These include Otto Frank's private office, and the attic. But on this website, you can explore those spaces too, so you can gain an even clearer impression of the business premises and hiding place.  

How did you get the images of the furnished  Secret Annex?

The Secret Annex Online has been created using photos of the actual furnished Secret Annex, as it was then. Much of this material was created in 1999, when the house at the front and the Secret Annex were temporarily furnished to illustrate in educational materials how the spaces were used at the time.

Who funded The Secret Annex Online ? 

The BankGiro Lottery, the Anne Frank Fund, the VSB Fund, the Dutch Ministry of Health, Welfare and Sport and the Mondriaan Foundation provided financial support.

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