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Anne Frank’s Amsterdam shows, through extraordinary images and stories many of which have not been previously published on the internet, the city in which the Frank family lived.


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A large number of sources were used for Anne Frank’s Amsterdam.

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From their arrival in 1933 we see how Amsterdam changed from a safe haven into an occupied city where Jews were isolated, arrested and deported. Where possible we give additional and in depth information from other websites about Jewish Amsterdam and the city in time of war.

Anne Frank’s Amsterdam can be viewed in several ways:

  • Chronologically – browse consecutively through the items on the timeline and learn about the city’s history.
  • By subject – choose items about a particular subject such as collaboration and resistance, the persecution of the Jews or the Hunger Winter.
  • Via a person – Follow one person’s experiences.
  • Via a location – Discover what has happened over the years at one location.