For youths

All about Anne (English) € 15.95 More information Add to cart

The Anne Frank House has compiled the questions asked by children and young people over several years. In this book we answer the questions asked most frequently about Anne Frank, the persecution of Jews and World War II.

Historical construction kit of The Anne Frank House (English) € 20.50 More information Add to cart

The construction kit is intended for young and old (from ten years) and is available in seven different language versions in the museum bookshop. (1:60 scale - 16 cut-out cardboard sheets - 60 parts)

Outside it's War (English) € 18.95 More information Add to cart

Outside it’s War, an impressive book to read to your child or for your child to read. Suitable for children from age 8.

Diary (English) € 13.50 More information Add to cart

Write your own diary!

Anne Frank - Graphic biography (English) € 15.95 More information Add to cart

The graphic biography of Anne Frank tells the full story of Anne Frank in a clear and accessible way. As well as her life story, the book also focuses on important historical events. Suitable for children from 12 years old.

Anne’s World (English) € 4.50 More information Add to cart

The magazine ‘Anne’s World’, featuring a fold-out timeline, gives detailed answers to the questions asked by many visitors to the Anne Frank House. Also suitable as source material for school presentations and projects.

The Short Life of Anne Frank (PAL) (English) € 10.95 More information Add to cart

In the documentary The short life of Anne Frank the story of her life is told through quotations from her diary, unique photographs from the Frank Family albums and historical film extracts. Language: English, Spanish, Hebrew and French 28 minutes

Graphic Novel ‘The Search’ (English) € 7.50 More information Add to cart

Offers young people the opportunity to learn the most important facts about the Holocaust in an accessible way.

Comic Book 'A Family Secret' (English) € 7.50 More information Add to cart

Read about the experiences of a family during World War II.

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