Anne Frank's Amsterdam

The city and its inhabitants before, during and after the war

  • Singel 400, 1935
    In 1933 the Frank family flee from Nazi Germany to build a new life in the Netherlands

    Otto Frank is able to set up a business in Amsterdam. Anne Frank standing on the steps of Otto’s business Opekta

  • Merwedeplein, 1936
    The Franks live in a new Amsterdam neighbourhood where many other Jewish refugees have sought refuge

    Anne and Margot have many friends who have also fled from Germany

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  • Berlage bridge, 15 May 1940
    German soldiers drive into Amsterdam over the Berlage bridge

    Two days previously they had been fighting the Dutch army

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  • Rokin, 16 May 1940
    On the Rokin German soldiers receive a warm welcome from Dutch Nazis

    The Germans hold a victory parade from Haarlem to Utrecht

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  • Blauw bridge, 12 February 1941
    The German police close off the Jewish neighbourhood by the Blauw bridge

    Signs with 'Judenviertel’,‘Jewish Quarter’ are erected

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  • Jonas Daniël Meijerplein, 22 February 1941
    During the first big raid in the Netherlands the Nazis arrest 427 Jewish men

    The arrests are reprisals

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  • Waterlooplein, 6 May 1941
    From 6 May 1941 signs appear in neighbourhoods where Jews live

    It says ‘Jewish Neighbourhood’, ‘Jewish Street’, ‘Jewish Canal’, on the signs

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  • Museumplein, 18 May 1942
    The leader of the SS talks to the new Amsterdam police battalion

    The speech is unexpected and Heinrich Himmler is friendly and appreciative

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  • Daniël Willinkplein, 20 June 1943
    During one of the last raids nearly all the Jews from the south of Amsterdam are arrested

    The deportations had started the year before

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Bird’s eye view of Anne Frank’s Amsterdam

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