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The Secret Annex Online tells Anne Frank's story, as well as that of the other occupants of the Secret Annex and their helpers, within the context of World War 2 and the persecution of the Jews. The website is a part of the Anne Frank House’s portal: The Anne Frank House developed the online Secret Annex in close cooperation with LBi Lost Boys.

This website was launched on 28 April 2010 to mark the 50th anniversary of the Anne Frank House as a museum. Under the name of the Virtual Wing of the Anne Frank House, the website was realised thanks to:

BankGiro Loterij
VSB Fonds
The Ministry of Health, Welfare and Sport
Mondriaan Foundation
Anne Frank Fonds

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Voice-over and voice of Anne Frank

For this English version of The Secret Annex Online, the voice-over was done by Tamsin Greig, a British actress known for her role as Edith Frank in the BBC series The Diary of Anne Frank, made in 2009. She has also acted in a great number of TV series and theater plays. For her role of Beatrice in ‘Much Ado About Nothing’ she won the prestigious  Laurence Olivier Award. Anne's voice was done by Ellie Kendrick, who, among other things, played Anne in the BBC series. For the German version, Das Hinterhaus Online, actress Katja Riemann did the voice-over and her daughter, actress Paula Riehmann, did Anne's voice.


The following persons and companies have contributed to the creation:

  • Wim Vonk, A Sound idea: sound recording and mixing
  • Redman Institute: quality control of the production of the English version
  • Emilie Escher: scriptwriter  
  • Paul Dubbelman: animation of the audio stories
  • Centric: dedicated hosting and server maintenance
  • Verstegen Spice Group B.V.: use of their Photo studio and materials for, among other things, the story The Smell of Spices


Responsible for the project realisation at the Anne Frank House

Ita Amahorseija – Virtual Wing of the Anne Frank House Program Manager
Gerrit Netten
Menno Metselaar
Emilie Escher
Fiona van Rees Vellinga


Responsible for the project realisation at LBi Lost Boys

Ellen Hooghiemstra - Creative Director


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