Otto at the opening of the Anne Frank House

Otto Frank en burgermeester Van Hall (rechts) met echtegenote voor het pand Prinsengracht 263 FH dat wordt gerestaureerd.
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Fragment from a radio broadcast by Radio Netherlands Worldwide on 3 May 1960 (in English).

Otto Frank met Koningin Juliana bij draaibare boekenkast (1979)

From hiding place to museum

The history of the Anne Frank House


Thus prior to the Dutch liberation day, there was a moving ceremony in Amsterdam. When Otto Frank reopened the restored house in which he and his family were in hiding from the Nazis during the war. Before they were caught, and hauled off to concentration camps.

This Anne Frank House is a memorial to his daughter who wrote her famous diary there and it will be connected with an international student centre next door.

Said Otto Frank:

“You see, for me it is a very emotional day, but a very important day too. It is the first step, which is made. The Anne Frank House is ready, more or less, so that the work, which should go out from it, can start, the house is a base, but the work had to be done by the International Youth Centre, which will do everything to further the Anne Frank ideals, the Anne Frank, how should I say, what really Anne wanted, to help, to work for peace, for tolerance, for understanding. And that is the main thing, which we still have to do.”