Comic book 'A family secret'


Comic book 'A family secret'€ 7,50

Read about the experiences of a family during World War II.

When Jeroen comes across the scrapbook his grandmother kept during World War II, she tells him about a long-held family secret. Then Jeroen attends a Dutch Memorial Day ceremony on May 4 and there he makes an amazing discovery...

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'A family secret' and education

The graphic novel has been developed as lesson material but of course you don’t have to read it in an educational context. Research shows that young people's factual knowledge about WWII leaves much to be desired. This book addresses the facts in an accessible manner.


 A sequel, ‘The Search’ further explores the persecution of the Jews and the holocaust, and it will be accompanied by educational material.

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‘A Family Secret’ is available in Dutch, English and German.

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